'Man Lost Weight During the Pandemic!'

One Philadelphia man did the opposite of what most of us did during the lockdown in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic... He lost about 50 or so during the pandemic. I recently lost around 10-15 pounds myself but not as much as this man has done in about six months! He's really inspiring and it gives most of us motivation by looking at his photos to do something about the weight we've all gained during quarantine.

From The Today Show:

As an event planner, Tim Adams was always up for a cock tail after work or a meal at one of Philadelphia’s many restaurants. Over time, late night beverages and noshing on take out food caught up to him, causing him to weigh about 250 pounds.
“I certainly was somebody that was looking forward to staff meal,” the 34-year-old told TODAY, referring to an industry term where restaurant or event staff eat together prior to a shift or event. “I was eating restaurant food and I would default to order out. I was not making any meals for myself and I had no idea what nutrition was.”
When he was furloughed in March due to COVID-19, his life changed suddenly. Faced with so much time, he thought he’d make funny videos to share on social media. Adams had always dreamed of being a comedian and thought he “had to be fat to be funny.” But when he took the test video he realized his weight was a distraction.
“Instead of thinking about the funny thing I was saying, the only thing I could see was my body,” Adams said. “What was staring back at me was an unhealthy body that I was not proud of and that was the exact moment that I started my journey.”