'9 Seniors in One Family Die After Consuming Expired Noodles'

This one family fell ill and nine members passed away after consuming what seemed to be expired homemade noodles that were kept in a freezer for one year... Yeah, I would say- after a year, there is no way they are safe if they were pre-made. Trash them just to be on the safe side.

From Newsweek:

Nine members of the same family died of food poisoning after eating a homemade noodle dish containing a deadly toxin.
The delicacy of thick noodles made from fermented corn flour sat in the family's freezer for "nearly one year" before it was prepared and consumed at the gathering on October 5, state newspaperChina Dailyreported.
Twelve relatives were present at the breakfast gathering in the county of Jidong in the northeasternChineseprovince of Heilongjiang, but only nine more senior members ate the dish known as "suantangzi."
Three younger family members refused the food because of a "strange taste," the paper said.
All nine relatives fell ill in the hours following the meal, and eight were confirmed dead by October 11.

That would be a horrible way to die. Made or not, next time I have any kind of noodles- I'm DEFINITELY checking the expiration date!