Reeses's Social Distance Halloween Idea!

I gotta say, Halloween is looking a little different for everyone this year given the current status of COVID-19. Reeses's has come up with a new idea for Trick-or-Treaters this year and it's BRILLIANT! I imagine this is how it will go for many who get to experience this Reeses's Door- You walk up in your costume, scream Trick-or-Treat and your favorite chocolate candy comes out of the door! Easy and it's contactless... What are your thoughts?? If every candy company did something like this in every state, who would you want to see do this?

From Delish:

Halloween is right around the corner and people are definitely getting creative when it comes to ways of making trick-or-treating as safe as possible. Of course, leave it to the King of Halloween Candy, Reese's, to take that creativity to a whole new level. The brand announced that it would be unleashing a robotic trick-or-treat door that will hand out candy thanks to a little bit of Halloween magic.
Here's how it works: The robotic Trick-or-Treat Door will roam around your neighborhood via remote control and stop at different houses. You'll know it's coming thanks to some not-so-subtle smoke, lights, and sound effects. Once it arrives at your doorstep, simply say "trick-or-treat" (the "smell my feet" is optional) and you'll be rewarded with some hands-free King Size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups through the retractable mail slot on the door just like that! It's the perfect social distancing solution...just don't forget your masks, protective and Halloween, I mean!

This year again, my plans are as follows: Eat my FAVORITE sugar free Reeses's and watch a scary movie of some sort! LOL

What are your plans?