WATCH: What it's like to be a Former U.S. Spy!

I've always thought people who had this job of being a spy or a detective, were pretty cool! I just thought they were pretty cool to watch on T.V. Shows and movies but to experience them in real life- I'm sure, is different. I've always wondered what it would be like to have that sort of job and I'm sure there isn't much to share. However, it's pretty cool this teenager gets a first hand experience what it was like for her dad to be a U.S. Spy and to be able to ask him certain questions about what the job entailed.

From Yahoo:

A teenager is going viral on TikTok thanks to some “mind-blowing” insight from her dad.
The 19-year-old, who goes by the name Maria on social media, is the daughter of a former spy in the U.S. military — at least, allegedly.
It’s impossible to prove for sure, but Maria’s dad seems to have plenty of secret knowledge about the job, which he’s been sharing in a series of clips on his daughter’s TikTok account. In each video, Maria asks her father a set of questions about his work, his past and, of course, speaking Russian.
Maria’s dad is extremely frank in his answers and, as you might expect, pretty cagey. He never gives away any earth-shattering info about the U.S. government, but he does typically answer anything his daughter asks about the job itself.
For example, he shared that the hardest part of his training was learning to conjugate Russian verbs. He also said that his most dangerous experience on the job involved being followed by the Russian KGB.
Whenever a question gets too invasive, Maria’s dad simply says “that would be classified.” It’s a tactic he had to use often in one particular video, in which his daughter asks him about the “shadiest” thing he ever saw.
“That would be very classified,” he answers.

That is so interesting to me!