'Dog found ALIVE a month after Dorian'

Hurricane Dorian Dog trapped under rubble

With Hurricane Dorian about a month behind us, the rescue groups are in the process of helping the Bahamas. According to Channel 12/26, a "miracle" was found in the midst of all the damage and debris Dorian left behind...

From Channel 12/26:

A pup now dubbed “Miracle” is recovering in South Florida after a rescue group discovered him buried alive under a pile of debris in the Bahamas.
He was found a month after Hurricane Dorian devastated the region.
A drone with infrared heat-seeking technology operated by Big Dog Ranch's search and rescue team found Miracle under an air conditioning unit in Marsh Harbour.
"He was trapped since the storm,” said Lauree Simmons, the president and founder ofBig Dog Ranch Rescue. “Nothing but a bag of bones and still wagging his tail.”

I'm so happy they found him alive!!!



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