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WATCH: Concerns When Bringing Home a New Puppy!

If you were lucky enough to take home a puppy from our 2nd Annual Lovepup Family Fest this past weekend, these are some things to take into consideration if they start to act a certain way.

From Yahoo:

Most people who have a two-dog household don’t get both of their dogs at once. Instead, many decide to bring a puppy into the house when one dog is older — and it can be tricky to figure out how to make sure both dogs’s needs are being met.

Issue No. 1: The puppy chews on everything

That includes some of Strum’s shoes. “Get toys that she feels comfortable chewing on and engaging with,” Venator tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Part of the issue could be she’s looking for things to chew on and she’s finding the wrong things.”

Issue No. 2: The puppy and older dog eat the same food

This actually isn’t ideal, Venator says. “We like to feed our pets separately,” he says, noting that it’s usually best to try to find a specific formula to match your pet’s life stage. Penelope, for example, would benefit most from a puppy formula like Puppy Chow, while Barkley would do better with a food that’s targeted toward older dogs like Pro Plan Bright Mind.

If you’re changing up your pet’s food, don’t do it all at once. Instead, Venator recommends doing a “gradual transition over seven days” by mixing their old food with the new.

Issue No. 3: The puppy will only use wee wee pads inside the home

Penelope and Barkley go for regular walks outside, but the puppy actually holds it in and only relieves herself on a wee wee pad when she’s inside. “Once in a while, she will poop outside but not urinate,” Strum says.

Have fun with them and love them the best you can!


Video Cred: Yahoo

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