'Local Teen Builds Honey Business'

If you're anything like me, you love honey! It's solely the southern tradition and so good for you too. North Augusta teen built his business of beekeeping from the ripe old age of eight and let's just say, this kid is going places!

From The Augusta Chronicle:

It's the sweet treat that's been known to help treat allergy symptoms, heal wounds and is a growing industry across the country. And one business owner got involved with it before he could even drive a car.
William Helfgott, 16, began beekeeping at age 8 when his mom encouraged him to enroll in a 4-H program. After he won his own beehive in a raffle during his class, William's mom tended to the hive for the first year while they lived in Augusta. He took more of an interest before taking a break when his family moved to North Augusta.
After his move, William began operating another beehive in his backyard. He decided to bottle some of the honey and sell it door-to-door in his neighborhood.
"My mom thought I was going to be crushed and not sell any," he said.
Within 10 minutes, he had sold out of his liquid gold.

Sounds like we need to support this local beekeeper! Don't forget your honey today!!


Photo Cred: The Augusta Chronicle


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