Lincoln County Football Just Became A Bit More Interesting!

This isn't the first time we've heard of girls trying out for a football team and actually making it BUT this is local and it's awesome! Check out these three girls from Lincoln County are making history!

From WRDW:

Lincoln County is one of the most storied football programs in the state and have numerous titles to back it up. This year is different. For the first time ever, they have three young ladies trying to make the team.
"We showed up to the first practice over the summer, that alone made history in Lincoln County", said Kholi Carruth
This isn't the first time Kholi and Carly Carruth have put on shoulder pads. They didn't see the field much in their youth recreation league and are making up for it now.
"I guess now I'm just trying to prove them wrong from back then." Carly said. "Like they should have put me in the game."
The twins are now joined by Gianna Anderson, who says her male teammates have gotten used to girls at practice.
"I guess they just didn't believe it at first," said Anderson. "But whenever we walked in at practice they just said, 'Hey' like they normally do at school."
The girls still had to earn their place, but now they're an example and a motivation for the entire team.

Show them girls! Good luck with the football season!


Photo Cred: WRDW


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