A Sunflower Field In Georgia?!

Field of blooming sunflowers on a background sunset or twilight

If you're looking to get photos done soon to create lasting memories, you may have waited for the PERFECT timing! That's if you're willing to travel to Cumming, GA.

From Narcity:

Anderson's Sunflower Farm is opening in Julyfor sunflower season. Sunflowers are only fully bloomed at their peak for about two weeks, so youmustmark your calendar for a visit. 
For only $10 per car, you can park and explore this adorable farm in Cumming, Georgia. There is a barn, tractor, and vintage car parked onsite for a little more to see outside of the pristine field...
The farm is the prime location for a photo shoot this summer, but if you're bringing a professional camera for a shoot, it'll cost you $35. 
If you want to take some sunflowers for the road, you can clip your own or buy some of the pre-cut ones. They're sold for $8 for a half dozen and $12 for a dozen. You can also support local business and buy some delicious honey, made right there on the farm.

I may just be making a trip myself... Anyone want to go with?!



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