Girl Saves Notes From Stepdad & Gives Them All Back for Father's Day!

Even though Father's Day has come and gone for 2019, we should still be thankful for the special men in our lives! Even the ones who aren't biological but are there for us when we need them the most, to the stepdads, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends, church family, we truly are thankful for the male influence you may have on our lives whether it's good or bad. That's exactly what this one young lady did for her stepdad and let's just say, it brought some liquid to my eyes... Grab a tissue or two. So sweet and good!

From Yahoo:

Middle school is a daunting time for adolescents; beyond puberty, the age brings added pressures of trying to fit in and a more serious focus on school assignments. It's equally challenging to parent a child at this age.
In an effort to be a supportive parent during that time, Brian Sandusky showed he cared by leaving an inspirational message on stepdaughter Sophia Wilcox’s door every single day during middle school. Sophia, now 20 years old and visiting from college, surprised her stepfather with a Father's Day gift on Sunday: all of his handwritten notes framed around a picture of them together.
She shared the heartwarming footage on Twitter.

Watch below... It'll make your day even better!


Photo Cred: Yahoo

Video Cred: Sophia Wilcox



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