'Teen Helps Man in Wheelchair Take Cover Before Storm'

This is awesome! A Missouri teen saw a man in a wheelchair struggling to get across a busy street when he decided to get out of his own car to help the man get to safety before a storm hit.

According to Yahoo, the teen wanted to help the man out because no one else would! He's just simply awesome!!

Residents of Missouri know that when the outdoor warning siren sounds, which is activated when there is a tornado warning for the area, it’s time to seek shelter. One man, a double amputee, was leaving a grocery store about a quarter mile from his home when the sirens started to go off. Thankfully, a 16-year-old stepped in to help when it seemed no one else would.
"Everyone kept telling me the storm is coming and you need to hurry up and get home," Gregory Beck told KMOV4. Getting home, however, is not so easy for Beck, who lost both his legs last year and is legally blind due to diabetes.
As Beck was attempting to cross a busy street to get to a nearby gas station, multiple drivers were honking and yelling at him — however, to one teen's surprise, no one was helping.
Seth Phillips, 16, spotted Beck and immediately asked his mother if they could stop to help.


Photo Cred: Yahoo

Video Cred: Amber Gilleylen



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