Fort Gordon Runs to Remember The Fallen

Memorial Day is coming up and there is so much to be thankful for especially the soldiers at Fort Gordon! They are running to remember and pay tribute to the fallen, reported The Augusta Chronicle.

With each step that hits the ground, Sgt. Eligio Castilleja thinks about the Marines who ran before him.
Castilleja is one of about 100 Marines and sailors at Fort Gordon participating in the 15th annual Tribute to the Fallen run, which spans 10 days. Each day, Marines and sailors will take turns running laps around Barton Field, about three miles per lap, continuously.
Castilleja began the run for the second time Monday after the opening ceremony. He said the run is a way to carry the legacies of the fallen with him.
"I'm running just to give everything I've got for the Marines before me and after me and the ones who have fallen and the Navy, all our fallen comrades in the military," Castilleja said, "just to appreciate them and the ultimate sacrifice that they gave."

Never forget. Thank you to all of the service men and women along with their families who sacrifice so much for us. THANK YOU! Watch video below...


Photo(s) Cred: The Augusta Chronicle

Video Cred: The Augusta Chronicle



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