'Librarian Believes She Was Fired For Reporting Son's Bullying Situation'

This kind of story isn't my favorite but I believe when you care about your kid(s) and you love them, you have to do what you have to do to protect them! (That was a mouth full to write...) Anyway, a Meriwether County, Ga school librarian has lost her job after reporting her son being bullied by another student at the same school she worked at. According to Yahoo and WSBTV told us what happened after she reported the incident...

Jessica Braswell was thelibrarianat Unity Elementary School in Meriwether County, Ga. where her son is a second-grade student. But after he came to her on Monday with concerns about another student allegedly threatening to shoot him with a gun, Braswell’s job was put in jeopardy.
“I was angry. I was very angry,” Braswell toldWSBTVabout the threats against her son.
But Braswell became even more frustrated when she went to the school to report the alleged incident, and instead of hearing back from administrators about her son’s bullying, she received a call informing her that she was fired. “I feel I was fired for trying to stand up and protect my child,” Braswell told the local Georgia outlet. “I did what any other parent would have done.”

I couldn't imagine what this family is going through, much less this mother. Definitely send kindness their way!


Photo Cred: WSBTV Channel 2


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