SC Teacher Saves Boys Dad!

This is an awesome story! A South Carolina woman was driving down the road only to see a child riding his bike on a busy road. According to yahoo, the woman found out the child was one of her former first grade students who was trying to find help to save his father's life...

Cameron went to dial 911 on his father’s phone, but said he was locked out of his dad’s cell. And when the little boy went over to his neighbors’ houses, nobody was home.
“So I got on my bike and tried to ride to my grandma’s,” Cameron explained.
As he was dodging cars on the 5-mile ride, his first-grade teacher, Keller Sutherland, hadn’t recognized the familiar face before deciding that she needed to pull over.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect for her to be there. It shows that there are good people out there willing to help!

To her surprise, the little boy was her former first-gradestudent. Cameron quickly told the teacher what was happening at home and Sutherland helped him remain calm, while another two men who pulled over called 911.


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