15 Things you might regret later in life!

There's this saying by George Halas, " Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." and I find that quote very true. There is so much to experience and I feel like it's easy to fall into the same rut of life and then later on, you'll feel regret that you didn't try or better yet you let fear in. Say yes to the right things and of course think about the "No's". Big opportunities come far, few and between. As people, we must take full advantage of them and don't be afraid to fail when it comes to your dreams!

Homemaker.com tells us the top 15 things people regret when they're older. Here's the first 3 on that list:

1. Staying At A Toxic Job

2. Staying In A Toxic Relationship

3. Not Traveling Enough

Don't get caught up in life's chaos. Life is always happening for us. Go and embrace it! GET THE FULL LIST HERE!     


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