Giving Technology to Younger Kids

It blows my mind to see young kids and toddlers with tablets and smartphones in their hands. Almost as if they were born with it and technically they were since day one. But experts are here to tell us from that kids are actually being mentally affected by technology. 

What do you think?? 

“A lot of parents are too busy, and a lot of these kids come from single-parent homes, and it’s very hard for parents to be there as a parent while at the same time trying to work,” says Ursha White, child and adolescent team leader at Permian Basin Community Centers. “So I think a lot of it is they let technology raise their kids.”

In addition to our children’s focus and social skills being impacted by technology, it also puts them at risk of cyber bullying, social media obsession, and online predators. “Even our second-graders, they are more into social media, and they’re dealing with a lot more exposure to the real world —the bullying and the sexual predators— than our high schoolers were at that age,” continues White. “We are sending a lot more (younger kids) to the hospital because of the suicidal outcries from bullying — people don’t like them, or they really just want to get away from everything in life.”



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