Don't let money DEFINE you!

As the holiday season is ramping up, so are our pockets and finding ways to be thankful for the little things in life. For me, I'm thankful the relationships I have and the ability to be funny. One thing to think about is money. Yes, it'll buy you materialistic stuff but it doesn't buy you the happiness you find in relationships, the contentment you find in the simple things. 

Think about this... What if all of that was taken away? What if the "materialistic stuff" was taken away? 

Would you still consider your happiness? At that point, you work with what you have. My story is somewhat similar except the part where this woman talks about her parents being immigrants BUT she has an awesome story! Much like her, I grew up in a middle class family. We weren't considered rich, but poor on our side of town. GUESS WHAT?! I never let that define me or my happiness! 

This lady talks about how she married into money and she talks about her background. It's a really good story, check it out HERE! She goes on to ask her husband about how he felt when it came to him growing up in a wealthy family. This is how she worded it for, "Guilt is not a productive feeling,” he says. I wish it were that easy." 

That statement alone made me think... I'm not going to forget where I came from and where I'm going but ultimately, I'm not going to let materialistic stuff define WHO I am. I refuse to feel guilty for my dreams. Chase after them! 



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