"Homeless Veterans Receive Keys to New Homes!"


Even though yesterday was Veterans Day, we should thank them any time of the year. But this story in particular was a wonderful way to honor the ones who've sacrificed and to show appreciation. Twenty-five homeless veterans in Tampa, Florida received keys to their new places, Sunday after a annual Veterans Day Tribute. 

Fox 5 Atlanta reports, " For the 54th year in a row, Hillsborough County held their Annual Veterans Day Tribute at Veterans Memorial Park. Hundreds attended the ceremony, but it's what happened afterward that touched the hearts of the crowd. 25 homeless veterans received a very special gift." 

"Keys to their own homes," explained Antoinette Hayes-Triplett. "The apartments will have food already in the refrigerator, they'll have furniture, bedding, toiletries, everything they'll need to get started in their new homes." 

"Triplett is with the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative, and helped bring Operation: REVEILLE to Hillsborough County, an organization whose sole mission is to get veterans off the streets."

This is so awesome! Keep it going!! 


Video Cred: Fox 13 


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