Blonde Moment for American Airline Traveler

I'm guilty of blonde moments but this is EXACTLY why I try to travel lightly if I can help it. So this woman who lives in Miami, Florida lashed out on social media when she claimed that American Airlines supposedly stole $8,000 worth of stuff out of her suitcase when in fact, she ended up grabbing the wrong suitcase. It ended up being a huge mix up to where she grabbed a suitcase that looked almost exactly like hers. said, "Anna Knight flew into Miami International Airport on Wednesday evening and retrieved her rose-gold hard suitcase from the baggage claim, People reported. When she opened what she thought was her bag, she didn’t recognize anything inside it: Her thousands of dollars worth of travel essentials and souvenirs had been replaced with equipment like harnesses, reflective safety gear, and power strips." 

Seriously a blonde moment... Later, she deleted the lash out on her socials and then apologized for the lash out of the mix up and blame. 

Check it out below... 




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