College Students and Snapchat

Social Media

So I may not be an expert on Snapchat or Twitter. But I do get most of my news and updates on social media like Facebook which is the main one but I also source the internet and television for news. According to, college students get most of their news from Facebook and Snapchat being the newest source of current events. tells us about a new survey done, "In a survey of 5,844 college students from 11 US institutions, 89 percent said they got at least some of their news from social media over the previous week. And Facebook was the most popular outlet, with 71 percent of respondents saying they got news from the platform during that time period. Interestingly, Snapchat came in second place, with 55 percent of the students saying they had gotten news from the app during the past week. And YouTube, Instagram and Twitter followed, pulling 54 percent, 51 percent and 42 percent of respondents, respectively." 

It makes sense. Just don't wasted too much time and life scrolling social media. You might miss the simple, most enjoyable views in front of you. Millennial's (my generation) don't let this be the only source of news. Yeah, I may possibly have an old soul. 



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