TISSUE ALERT: Bride Mourns Death of Late Fiance

Seriously, grab a tissue for this one. A bride mourned the death of her fiance on what was supposed to be their wedding day. Jessica Padgett- the bride decided to do a photo shoot for the day instead in memory of her late fiance, Kendall Murphy, who was a volunteer firefighter. 

Fox 5 Atlanta tells us, "Jessica Padgett and Kendall Murphy had planned to be married Sept. 29. Tragically, Murphy - a volunteer firefighter - was killed by an alleged drunk driver on Nov. 10, 2017.   After her fiance's death, Padgett had been dreading their wedding date, but decided she wanted to do something special in his memory. Since Padgett had her wedding dress - along with a wedding photographer scheduled - she gathered her friends and family for a celebration in honor of Murphy."


Photo Cred:  Mandi Knepp- Loving Life Photography

I couldn't imagine the heartache Jessica had to go through. This goes to show how strong she is and our prayers and condolences are with her for each year. I'm going to go grab another tissue... 

Check out the pics below... 


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