Would you give your students 50's for no work?

A Port St. Lucie teacher was fired for not giving her students a 50 for work that wasn't turned in. How do you feel about this? Would you give your kids a 50 for not turning in their work? Or would you give them a Zero? 

It makes sense, I grew up where there wasn't mercy in this area in school. My parents were the same way. When it came to my grades, they were concerned. If it ever dropped below an 80 for me, that meant extra laps at softball practice and extra time in class to get the help I needed. This is the next generation. I commend this teacher for standing up for what is right. Students will thank them later even when life is tough. You may not know what students are going through at home, but with a little love and push in the right direction, they'll be thankful! 

Do you agree or disagree with this teacher? 

Yahoo.com reported, "According to WCMH, after many students didn’t hand in an Explorer Notebook project, Diana Tirado, an eighth-grade history teacher at West Gate, gave them a zero for a grade. According to Tirado, she was let go because of the school’s no-zero policy, allegedly included in the student and parent handbook."


Photo Cred: Diane Tirado Facebook Page

Video Cred: KOMO News



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