Tiny House Vacation!

I have always had a fascination with tiny houses ever since people started building them and well, since they became the new trend for minimalists! (That's a hard word for me to say for some reason.) Anyway, this may have to be something that I have to try for when I go on vacation and specifically if I go on vacation on the Siesta Key in Sarasota! 

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, "At the end of Tiny House Street in Sarasota, you'll find 12 rentable tiny homes - each with their own personality and style. Some are inspired by Siesta Key's iconic lifeguard stands.

The smallest of the tiny homes is a whopping 154 square feet, with the largest measuring 256 square feet. It's plenty of room for two to six people, depending on the model." 

Yes please, give me a tiny house close to the beach! I will love you forever!!! 


Video Cred: Fox 13 News



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