Queso is Worth It!

I bet you can guess what today is?! It's National Queso Day! Let me tell ya, queso is life and this cheesy goodness goes with just about everything you can think of. Well, except for chocolate. But it does go with most stuff that's edible. You know, like chips! 

Go enjoy some queso today!!! 

Nationaltoday.com tells us why we love queso: 

A. Queso is deliciousSalsa and guacamole are great, but sometimes we just want a warm bowl of cheese to dip our tortilla chips in. Just daydreaming about all of that hot, melted cheese makes our mouths water.

B. Everyone makes queso a little differently It doesn't matter if we're all using the same recipe, it always seems that each person makes queso differently. Maybe you add more spice, or perhaps your queso always turns out nice and thick while your friend's cheese dip often turns into a runny mess. Personally, we've never met a queso we haven't liked.

C. It's easy to make Sitting in a Mexican restaurant and ordering a steaming bowl of queso is one of life's greatest pleasures, but that shouldn't stop you from making queso at home whenever the craving strikes. Although some queso recipes can get pretty extravagant, you can make a pretty kick butt bowl of queso just by melting some cheese and throwing in a couple of spices.



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