Dad is surprised by Kids Gift!

Alright, get your tissues out... This is an awesome story and a good one at that! A couple of kids bought their fathers 93' mustang back to surprise him with, because eighteen years ago, he sold it in order to help pay for medical bills and do what he had to do for his family. tells us, "The car helped Wesley get around San Antonio to softball games, always accompanied by his “shadow,” son Jake. It was the car in which he brought his daughter, Jeni, home from the hospital when she was born, and it was the car that would sometimes refuse to start for his wife, Laura, until Wesley showed up and it would instantly purr. That mind of its own was what inspired the nickname “Christine.” The Mustang was, essentially, a part of the family — and Wesley Ryan is all about his family. 

“You know, our family, we had some rough times. You do what you have to as a parent, as a father — that’s how I looked at it. … My reward is my kids’ success,” Wesley tells Yahoo Lifestyle." 

This is so cool! What have you done for your parents lately? They do so much for us and sacrifice so much for us. It's the little things! 


Photo Cred: Jake Ryan




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