A 93 Year Old Arrested For Her Birthday

This. Granny. Is. AWESOME! She wanted to know what it was like to be arrested and her dreams came true on her birthday (July 9th). 

According to yahoo.com, "93 year old Simone Dumont, a hardcore fan of the reality show Cops, is a supporter of the boys in blue. According to her daughter, Anne, “She goes on about how the police have the worse job and what they have to deal with … and she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat.” Anne reached out to the Augusta Maine Police Department to see if they would be willing to arrest her mother — not on any charges, of course, but so that she could have the experience of being a criminal suspect." 

Not that I would want to experience this. But this granny is legit and she got to do experience this without being in major trouble with the law. Would you want to do this for your birthday? I hope not. But this was too funny and cute NOT to share! 


PHOTO CRED: yahoo.com


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