Selfies and Beauty!

So I came across this article when I went to go look at my yahoo email (my personal email). It said, "Selfies are shifting our definition of beauty." In summary, explained, "Some people love these selfie filters so much that they're going to plastic surgeons and asking for cosmetic procedures that'll make them look like a software-enhanced version of themselves." 

Why do I cringe at the thought of this? In my opinion, the original version is BETTER any day. Not to compare this situation or trend to movies but to me, it's like watching the original Spiderman and then they use some one different for the second or third movies. Or something about Spiderman is enhanced. I can't watch the second or third movies because it's not the same. To me, it's the same with plastic surgery. 

The first version is better. Embrace the good, bad, ugly and BEAUTIFUL parts of YOU! We don't have time to bash each other when it comes to pictures, our lives or snapchat... Leave it be. You're perfectly and uniquely made. Are there some imperfections I wish I didn't have? You bet. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I'm learning confidence and working with what I have! 


Look out world! Check me out. LOL  Oh, and Happy Friday. Be YOU. Love people! 


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