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Understanding Millennials Dictionary!

Unfortunately, I'm a millennial because at 26, I consider myself to have an old soul...But I'm supposed to understand millennial slang and for sure acronyms. To be honest, that's just not the case. To me, the kind of words I use that might be considered millennial slang are words like, "Legit, savage, lit, ditto, etc." I mean, that's it really and the standard, "LOL." 

In college, sociology interested me with the different types of communication and how people talk in general in different parts of the world. Yesterday, I had the thought of a millennial dictionary and we really need one in writing if we're going to survive in this world. 

Dictionary.com came up with a list of 26 words/phrases millennial's use today and here are just a few... Check it out: 

1. Speak with the times

2. Glo up

3. Lit

4. Milk 

5. Tea

Do you use any of those? 


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