Ohio Man Charged With Damage After Saving Dogs!

This Ohio man was charged with damage after he broke a window to save two dogs. Seriously? We all know better than to leave our dogs in a hot car. The man was just trying to do the right thing and save the sweet fur babies! 

Fox 5 Atlanta says, "Richard Hill was in a parking lot in the Cleveland suburb of Parma when he saw the dogs and grabbed a hammer from his van to break the car window. Parma police say officers arrived four minutes after receiving a 911 call Saturday about the dogs and two minutes after Hill broke the window." 

I'm not sure what to think about this situation. 

Would you save them or keep going about your business in this situation if you knew you were going to get a citation after? 

What would you do if you received a citation, after the fact? 


Post Cred: Fox 5 Atanta- Richard Hill



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