Hannah Mac’s Birthday Weekend!

posted by Hannah Mac - 

My Birthday was awesome! Guess how old I am?! I turned 26! Even though I still had to work, it was awesome. I received so much love! Sharon made a pan full of blueberry muffins and strawberry muffins along with a birthday card. Then I also got a video from some of my Macon IHeart family! It was funny and sweet at the same time. I loved it! 

Friday night, Blaine and her fiancé, David, his daughter, Alexis, Sharon and her son Christopher and my neighbor, we all went to Monterrey’s for my birthday dinner! They all gave me some awesome presents and I appreciate it!!! 

Saturday, my birthday fun continued! I packed up Brooks and clothes, drove 3 hours to see a friend of mine, Amber in Suwanee, Ga! Then another 2 hours to go to my mom and dads house. 

Sunday morning, I spent more time with my mom and went to church. After church I came home to eat lunch and I went to see my friend and Iheart family, Brandi in north Macon, Ga! I got to lay out and go swimming. Oh, and she helped me book my first cruise! Yeah, I’ve never been on one so I have a year to pay it off! If you have any advice, let me know! Yeah, I need to experience more before I'm 30! 

So it was a fun filled weekend and I can’t believe it’s Monday! Let’s get it going!!! Huge announcement at 10am today! 

Oh, and the best part about my birthday was, I got to spend it with this munchkin too! 


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