First Look Prank

This one is sure to go down in wedding history as the BEST prank pulled by a bride on her fiance the day of their wedding! Even though they have been together for over ten years, this bride clearly knows her man and she knew he was still super nervous on their special day. Guess what she did to calm his nerves?! 

12 News in Arizona reported, "The two had previously conceived a prank of sending down Heidi's brother Eric in Chelsea's old wedding dress for the first look photo shoot. The purpose was to loosen Val up and calm his nerves. When Heidi saw how nervous Val was on the highly anticipated day, she knew she had to follow through. Heidi called her brother, who came straight from work, put on the wedding dress and surprised the groom. "When we were zipping him up, everyone was laughing," Heidi said. Her brother even went so far as to put Heidi's deodorant and perfume on so that he smelled like her." 

The funniest idea ever and oh, and it worked! Check out the pics below from the photographer that went viral! SO CUTE AND CLEVER!!! 

Get the full story HERE!

Photo Cred: ">Kevin Chole Photography



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