Baby Born at Six Flags!

I'd say this boy should celebrate his birthdays at Six Flags forever! A Georgia woman named, Crusita was with her daughter at Hurricane Harbor when all of a sudden she unexpectedly went into labor. 

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, "The parks EMTs were called, and they helped to deliver baby Mathew into the world! Mathew is only the second baby born at Six Flags Over Georgia in 51 years of the park being open. As a congratulatory present, Six Flags Over Georgia gave both Mathew and his mom the special Diamond Elite Memberships, which allow them free visits to any Six Flags park for life!" 

Seriously?!?! ONE of the luckiest kids in the world if you ask me! 

Get the full story HERE! 

Photo Cred: Fox 5 Atlanta

Baby born at Six Flags!


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