WATCH: Married at First Sight Bride Arrested!

Background: So, honestly I would be nervous about this sort of thing, BUT it's kind of cool to watch other people be on this show, "Married at First Sight" you're giving up something so important to a total stranger. I've watched a marathon of this show before and it's interesting to watch because they don't know who they're getting married to until they're walking down the isle.

Well, things are a little off with this one couple, they got married on the show 'Married at First Sight' and were on the way to their honeymoon, when the bride was arrested. According to, "...newlyweds Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson were en route to their honeymoon when Bally was held at the airport. “Mia has been detained,” Thompson said. “I don’t know what’s going on. They said there was a warrant out for her arrest and she is in the back. They separated us. I’m feeling like this isn’t real. I’m feeling confused. I’m feeling anxious. Like, I don’t know what the heck is going on.”

So What happened?



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