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A Funny List: Funny Things Parents Punished Their Kids For!

Happy Friday, here is a list of stuff these parents had to punish their kids for and might I add, it's hilarious! Yeah, I probably won't understand any of this until I have my own kids but you know what they say, kids will be kids... 

According to businessinsider.com, 21 parents punished their kids for doing these things and here are the top 10 on the list: 

1. Swearing

2. Harboring Pests

3. Buttering the Dog

4. Talking about strangers too loudly

5. Accidental body shaming

6. Flipping the bird

7. Inventing creative insults

8. Peeing their pants to get what they want

9. Throwing a toy out the window

10. Putting the dog on a diet


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