Wedding Fun!

In case you're wondering, NO I didn't get married and NO I'm not married. But I did attend a wedding this past Saturday in my hometown, Locust Grove, GA. Did I have fun? You bet I did! I didn't dance as much as I should have but I won't lie, it was fun to just crash an old friends wedding. Which technically I didn't crash because she did invite me. It was so cute and fun! They had a photo booth and food I shouldn't have ate. But I gorged myself and actually enjoyed it. 

Congrats to my friend, Kati and her new hubby, JJ! 

Check out some of the photos below: 

Wedding Selfie before the ceremony started!
The set up before the ceremony started. So simple and cute!
My favorite part... The chocolate fountain of course!
I got to be silly in the photo booth for the night! :)


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