3 Year Old Saves Her Father Using FaceTime

This is awesome and I'm a firm believer that kids are coming out more intelligent than we realize! A three year old, Molly McCabe, saved her father's life when he fell by suffering from a stroke. She immediately picked up her dad's phone to FaceTime her mother who was at work. 

According to Fox News, "That’s when Molly, who has not yet learned the alphabet, used the FaceTime feature on her father’s iPhone to call her mom. At first, Devon, an ICU nurse, missed the call. But when a second FaceTime came through, Devon, worried, pick up the call to see her 3-year-old daughter in tears. The mother of two said Molly memorized how to use FaceTime by watching her parents call each other, later replicating the steps when her mother asked her to." 

Kudos to you Molly girl! Be like Molly today! Happy Friday!!! 


Photo Cred: Fox News


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