July 4th Shenanigans!

So I will be honest, this week is about to get crazy! It's only Monday and I've been planning in my head of what I want to do for July 4th. Of course, when I plan stuff in my head, it never goes the way I thought it would. Anyway, this July 4th- Blaine and I are running the Peachtree Road Race in downtown Atlanta! In case you've never heard of it, it's a big annual run they do every July 4th! 

The festivities are fun and the many types of people you meet along the run are always different. 60,000+ come from all over the world to run 6.2 miles in the big peach! Yeah, it's pretty fun! This will be my 3rd year running it and it'll be Blaine's 4th year running it. We'll have to be up super early Wednesday to drive 2.5 hours and then make it back here to Augusta for all the fun! 

What are you doing this July 4th?!?! 

Oh yeah, make sure you pull up the July 4th music playlist on iHeart Radio


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