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What To Do When Your Vision Is Blurry?

Hey, I hope you had a GREAT weekend! But let me tell you about mine. It all started Friday when you may have seen me out and about, kicking things off for 104.3 WBBQ's 1st Annual Sip-Savor & Shop event, this past Saturday. The thing that happened was, my vision, all of a sudden, became blurry. 

I didn't have a headache or migraine nor did I have pain anywhere else and I was drinking lots of high quality H2O (water) since it was super hot outside and I was in and out of the heat. So why all of a sudden did street signs look super blurry to me? 

I ended up having to go to the doctor Friday night and then to the eye doc Saturday morning. It could have been several things and the most interesting diagnoses of them all, could have been an Acephalgic Migraine, or better known as the migraine WITHOUT the actual headache, according to Wikipedia

When this happens, here is what I experienced and what I learned that I should have done: 

1. Go to the Doctor ASAP! 

2. Definitely get rest. 

3. Don't drive especially when it's blurry. (It's just a scary thing to do.)

So, don't take your vision for granted. I will keep you updated! I'm supposed to go back to the eye doc in two months for a check up to make sure the blurriness went away and everything is smooth! Remember, your health is important and don't put anything off, even if things are blurry.

More info: CLICK HERE!

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