Tacos Saves California Family

So I would save this story for tomorrow, but I couldn't resist! Tacos are one of my favorites and if they can save lives, then that's fine by me! Tacos saved this California family when a fake 'undercover cop' was in the process of harassing the family while they were enjoying some tacos for dinner after a full day at a water park. The mother saw that the man wasn't a true cop and distracted him by offering him tacos. 

That's a smart mama if I say so myself! As the man was distracted by her offer, she made her way to the taco truck to 'grab more napkins' and told people in line and the truck what the situation was. Fox News reported, "Police found Rodriguez standing next to the family‚Äôs van when they arrived at the scene. Rodriguez allegedly tried to escape by tossing his gun in the van and trying to get in." 

Good thinkin' Mom! Oh, and Happy Monday! 

More info: CLICK HERE

Photo Cred: Fox News


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