Can Getting A Gel Manicure Cause Cancer?

Getting your nails done is a common thing among women and it's how we bond with our mothers, sisters, aunts, best friends, etc. Gel manicures have been the trend for a while now because, in my own opinion, it's a quicker process when you're getting your nails done. 

Although, I haven't had my nails done in a while, I usually get the gel manicure myself because I'm not sitting there for 30 minutes in front of a fan, waiting for the nail polish to dry. But I may have to rethink the process when it comes to getting a gel manicure after a young girl name Karolina, found out she had skin cancer (melanoma) on her hand from getting her nails done. Fox 5 in Atlanta reported what Dr. Carolyn Jacob had to say on what kind of sunscreen to use, "Use a sunscreen that has a physical blocker like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to cover all of your skin.”

Next time, definitely use sunscreen before you go to get your nails done. I may just go buy a travel size myself for when I do go. After all, it is about to be summer and our nails gotta look good for vacation! 


Video Cred: Fox 5 Atlanta & Fox 32 Chicago



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