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It's National Brothers and Sisters Day!

Not only should we celebrate our siblings one day out of the year, but everyday! It's National Brothers and Sisters Day! I'm the oldest out of four. I love my brother and sisters to pieces and I'm so thankful for them even if I don't get to see them every day. They are awesome and I couldn't imagine my life without them! 

NATIONALTODAY.COM recently did a survey on what Americans thought about their brothers and sisters for National Brothers and Sisters Day and here is what survey scientists came up with: 

1. 89% of Americans have a brother and/or sister.

2. 16% of Americans describe their relationship with their siblings as 'love.' 

3. Only 35% of Americans would rather be the oldest sibling.


1. 19% of Americans say they are completely different from their sibling(s)

2. 10% of Americans say they are best friends with their brother(s)/sister(s)

3. 8% of Americans have physically fought with their sibling(s), drawing blood or leaving marks (OUCH)

4. 5% of Americans shared clothes (or still share clothes) with their brother(s)/sister(s)

5. 5% of Americans regularly hang out with their brother(s)/sister(s) and share the same friend group

More info: CLICK HERE


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