It's National Brothers and Sisters Day!

posted by Hannah Mac -

Not only should we celebrate our siblings one day out of the year, but everyday! It's National Brothers and Sisters Day! I'm the oldest out of four. I love my brother and sisters to pieces and I'm so thankful for them even if I don't get to see them every day. They are awesome and I couldn't imagine my life without them! 

NATIONALTODAY.COM recently did a survey on what Americans thought about their brothers and sisters for National Brothers and Sisters Day and here is what survey scientists came up with: 

1. 89% of Americans have a brother and/or sister.

2. 16% of Americans describe their relationship with their siblings as 'love.' 

3. Only 35% of Americans would rather be the oldest sibling.


1. 19% of Americans say they are completely different from their sibling(s)

2. 10% of Americans say they are best friends with their brother(s)/sister(s)

3. 8% of Americans have physically fought with their sibling(s), drawing blood or leaving marks (OUCH)

4. 5% of Americans shared clothes (or still share clothes) with their brother(s)/sister(s)

5. 5% of Americans regularly hang out with their brother(s)/sister(s) and share the same friend group

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