Meet my puppy Brooks

So, I don't normally talk about anything personal but I'm PROUD to have him in my life! World meet my mini ball of love, Brooks! He's a nine week old German Shepherd mixed with Blue Heeler. But from the looks of it, I think he has more Blue Heeler in him than anything else. He's fun, high energy, he loves to chew on blankets and he loves to listen to IHeart Radio during the day while I'm at work! Brooks cracks me up when he does the cute little head tilt when he's trying to figure out what I'm talking about (If you're a dog lover, you'll know what I'm talking about!) or when he discovers something new. Yes, if you're wondering... I named him after the Country singer, Garth Brooks! It just seemed different and unique to me because he's one of a kind. Thank you Augusta for being dog lovers!! 

Since I'm still considered new to Augusta, any good dog parks around? I took him to a ball park Sunday, which is why he is completely happy in the picture above. 

Ps: If you're the praying kind, say a little prayer for him. He's going to the vet today. I don't think he will mind, but I'm a little nervous. Thanks! 


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