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What Weird Things Have You Seen At Your Parents' House?

Tons of people went to their parents' houses for Thanksgiving . . . and, of course, they got to see all the WEIRD stuff their parents have done to the place since their last visit.

People on Twitter are now sharing pictures of the strangest things they found at their parents' house on Thanksgiving.

And here are some highlights . . .

1. Passive-aggressive framed art about bathroom etiquette.

2. Craft beads in a urine sample cup..

3. A shrine to former Atlanta Braves player Chipper Jones.

4. Edible strawberry body lotion

5. A calendar on the wall turned to September 2006. 

6. Rusted containers of spices from the mid '80s. 


Did you find anything strange at your parents' house over the holiday?

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