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Christmas Has Come Early With Blue Bell!

Oh my goodness... Christmas is EARLY!

Blue Bell Christmas Cookie Ice Cream is BACK-- even earlier this year.

Now let me tell you a little story-- 2 years ago, I saw a Facebook post/review-- that was hilarious and enticing! The guy had such "heavenly" descriptions of the ice cream, that I had to find it. Well, apparently everyone else did too... because I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!

I finally did. One half gallon. And it was PURE heaven, in ice cream form.

So last year-- I set out early to find it! Around Halloween, I believe. I stalked news articles to try to see when it would be released.

I kinda went OVERBOARD with it last year, and had SO many half gallons in my freezer. Unfortunately, I didn't eat it all-- and it sat and got freezer burn eventually. Because who can eat that much ice cream?! Well, and not go too crazy! We literally JUST threw out the old ice cream last night! JUST IN TIME!

So now I need your best secrets to keep the ice cream fresh! So I can stock up and not waste it this year. Oh, and if you go shopping and see it-- let me know where. Please don't buy it all up (like I did last year. LOL)

Oh and in case you haven't experienced it-- Blue Bell Christmas Cookies Ice Cream is a combo of Sugar Cookie Flavored Ice Cream, with Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Sugar Cookie pieces, with Red Sprinkles and Green Icing Swirl.


Here's the original viral post that set this obsession in motion! Haha

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