South Carolina Man Catches Massive Gator!

Hunter Neeley of South Carolina is a skilled alligator hunter! He reeled in a 13-foot, 6.5-inch alligator in Santee Lake! The gator weighed over a thousand pounds, and was caught on September 29th.

Turns out it was actually his second alligator he'd caught in two weeks. He'd helped a friend with another large gator (12 foot, 7 inches, 800 pounds) just the week before.

If you're wondering what happens with the dead alligator... Neeley said he donates it to charity. A friend of Neeley will handle the taxidermy, making a head mount.

Alligator hunting season ends tomorrow!


Photo source: Hunter Neeley

Massive Gator Caught by Hunter Neeley in Santee Lake


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