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Kid In TN Loses All Toys In House Fire

There's an eight-year-old near Knoxville named Daniel Hunt who lost ALL his stuff in a fire last month. But his friends in third grade came up big for him.

After it happened, they were all extra nice . . . held doors for him . . . and hung out with him at recess to take his mind off it.

And the whole time, they somehow managed to keep THIS a secret.

After the fire, they started planning a toy drive with their teacher. Then on Friday, they surprised him with a MOUNTAIN of new toys to replace the ones he lost.

When he walked into class, they yelled "surprise." And their desks were covered with board games, LEGOS, stuffed animals, a remote-control car, and dozens of other toys.

There's a video of it. And at first, it looks like he doesn't realize they're all for him. Then his teacher says they're HIS toys . . . and he asks the whole class for a group hug.

His teacher says it's a great example of what a big heart he has. Most kids would have just ripped into the toys. But he wanted a hug first. 

(Today/NY Post)

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