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Would You Eat This Stuff For Breakfast?

It's National Pizza Month. And a recent survey found it's the #1 NON-breakfast food we like having for breakfast. 88% of people said it's a fine breakfast food. Here are 10 more foods people would eat as their morning meal. Would you?

1. Chocolate cake. 82% of us would have no problem eating cake for breakfast.

2. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 79% said yes.

3. Chicken strips and fries. 58% said yes.

4. Spaghetti. 56% would eat it for breakfast.

5. Steak and potatoes. 51% said yes.

6. A burger. 51% said yes.

7. A salad. Only 50% of us would do a salad for breakfast.

8. Nachos. 48% said it's an acceptable breakfast.

9. A hot dog. 42% said yes.

10. Chicken curry. Only 33% of us would eat it for breakfast. 


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