Dog Rescued In North Augusta!

Please be aware the photos toward the bottom made be difficult to look at!

Dog Networking Agents was made aware of an inured stray dog in the North Augusta area last week. He had a really nasty head injury and needed medical attention. They spent 36 hours out in North Augusta trying to capture him to get him the help he needed! Once they got him, he was taken to Care More Animal Hospital. He had an initial procedure to clean the head wound, and may be getting a skin graph to help close it.

He is currently enjoying his new foster home and getting love, attention and food while he rests and prepares for another procedure.

Because he was rescued during the hurricane, they have named him Dorian!

I am so thankful we have people like Dog Networking Agents who have a huge passion for animals. All too often, animals are dumped or surrendered because people don't think of what goes into being a pet owner. It's a very sad situation, and those animals don't understand why you don't want them. While I want ALL animals to find their fur-ever homes, I want them to go to homes where they will get the love they need! Having an animal is a lifetime commitment! I am also thankful for those who've donated time and money into getting these animals the medical attention they need! It can be expensive, so it wouldn't be possible without donations!

Dog Networking Agents are a foster based rescue, and their fosters are all at max capacity, so if you've ever considered fostering, or adopting-- get in touch with them.




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