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Is America In A White Claw Shortage?!

White Claw became the drink of the summer... and now... there's a nationwide shortage!

They are working around the clock to increase supply to meet the huge demand, saying they've accelerated faster than anyone could've predicted!

The White Claw craze has been featured on memes and TikTok videos, probably contributing to their popularity. Drink sales increased 283% in July, since last year.

White Claw was launched by Mike's Hard Lemonade maker: Mark Anthony Brands back in 2016. That same year, Truly launched as well.

Even though it took a little while to catch on, White Claw has become a huge success. People are looking for seltzers like this with fewer calories and less sugar!

No word on when stock will return to normal, but if you love White Claw... and you see them in the store-- stock up!

(Fox 10)

"Ain't No Laws When You're Drinkin' Claws" -- there really are... but that's a blog for another time!

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