If You Need More Fiber In Your Life... Here's Something To Try

Some things will make you say... WHAT?!

There's now something called "Poop Like A Champion"... It's a high fiber cereal, available on Amazon. Who really wants to eat something called Poop Like A Champion?! And what does that even mean? (Ok, don't answer that...)

The company wanted to make a cereal with the highest source of fiber on the market... and they did! You can get your 100% daily fiber intake with just one and a half servings-- and only 180 calories!

It's gluten and soy free too.

The company looks at it as more of a colon cleanse product with a great name-- not a cereal. On top of doing what the name claims... it can give other great benefits of fiber: reducing bloat, flattening the tummy, aids in digestion and gets rid of unwanted toxins... because... well when you go like a champion, it only makes sense to see these benefits... am I right?

It's $12 a box-- so about $1.50 per serving.

It's got two more grams of total fiber than Fiber One cereal, five more grams of soluble fiber . . . and a three-and-a-half star rating after 310 reviews.

The reviews basically agree the flavor isn't amazing . . . but you're not buying it for the taste. As one reviewer wrote, quote, "Works as advertised." 

(Oddity Central)



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